Shade 360 Golden Caramel



Colour – This matched my skin really well!

Staying Power- Good.

Redness Coverage – Good.


Bottle – Not massively keen on the bottle. There’s something odd about the cap – it seems too large! The foundation has so far to travel!

Scar coverage – average

Feeling – drying.

If I’m going to use a long-lasting foundation I would normally grab my wonderful oasis Estee Lauder Double Wear. However, my pasty white skin has been transformed into a glowing bronze! Well at least in my head,  in reality it’s more of a red and brown omelette with a sprinkling of salt-like scars.

My tan will fade, though my scars probably won’t damn them, so rather than buying another EL DW in a darker shade I opted to give Revlon ColourStay a go. It is similar to DW in several ways. It has a similar consistency and tendency to dry quickly. I felt I got better coverage by applying with my hands than with a foundation brush (Clinique). I’m actually growing to really dislike using a foundation brush at all.  They work with some foundations (Clinique Superbalanced) but often leave me feeling half-done.

Initially, I was very pleased with the look it gave. It didn’t feel too flat as heavy-wear foundations often can, nor was shade compromised. However, it did feel quite drying.  My face felt itchy and uncomfortable and although these sensations faded, the foundation never completely felt ‘right’.

The primary effects I look for in foundation are scar coverage and an overall even skin tone. ColourStay performed well in covering areas of redness and blemishes. Scarring was reasonably covered, but not disguised. One of the problems with scarring is that it looks remarkably altered in different shades of light. In certain lights, ColourStay does give good coverage, however, it is not perfect! EL Double Wear is still my preferred high coverage foundation, though in terms of price ColourStay is an ideal temporary replacement.


All the things i’ve ever been told about how to deal with my skin never seemed quite right. It was always advice that fitted others better, the people with a straightforward diagnosis; oily, dry, combination. I’ve had acne for over 10 years and only recently have I begin to care for my skin as it is. A mess of scars, dryness, oily patches, wrinkles, spots, black/whiteheads etc. It sounds pretty bad and it is, but recognising our skin for what it is is the only way to deal with it! I hope in documenting the things that work for me, I can help others with acne and acne scars heal their skin too.